Issue won't die after Clark says IT IS OK

Clark making excuses for Mallard – Henare – New Zealand news on

Clark is getting all huffy and once again is telling new Zealand to move on and trying to portray Ducky as the poor victim in the aftermath of his prima-facie assault on Tau Henare.

tau is having no part of it and has now come out telling the Prime Minister to stop making excuses for Ducky. Henare is also attacked by Clark for calling out the wrong name, but transcripts show that at no time did he use the name “Burridge” or “Gold”.

So why did Trevor react so callously and viciously to the first name of some woman the Prime Minister and he would have us believe has never met Ducky?

Well perhaps because there just may be another Sharon involved. I mean it stands to reason why Ducky reacted as he did. He was in fear of another of his affairs coming out. He is a politician so I find it very hard to beleive that he committed common assault on behalf of a woman he has never met. I mean this is the same guy who regularly described members of the Exclusive Brethren Church who were observing parliament “chinless scarf wearers” so he has shown that the feelings of women certainly are not that on high on his agenda.

So again we ask, why was Ducky so incensed over a name like “Sharon”. Fairly common name that. According to the Baby name Guesser site, Sharon rates a 5.960 in popularity where 0= extremely rare and 6= Super popular. In fact other names with a similar popularity are Jan, Leslie, Jo, Rose, Joyce, Lynn and Elaine. Get the picture, Sharon is a popular name, there could be literally thousands of Sharon’s out there so why would Ducky care if someone uttered the name in parliament and why would he care if he supposedly had never met anyone called Sharon.

Well the answer is fairly clear. based on the evidence there must be another Sharon, and based on the evidence Ducky doesn’t want her name mentioned. Prime Ministerial obfuscations aside one wonders when we are going to see the new standard in ministerial responsibility that we were all promised in 1999? Or is that standard so low we all have to crawl in the gutter with David Benson-Pope, Pete Hodgson and Trevor Mallard and any other minister that has committed an assault and surviced with his warrant intact.

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