Labour's Whips lost the plot, Wilson adrift in ignorance

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labour’s Whip can’t even organise a patsy question properly, not only was Russell Fairbrother in the House but Speaker Wilson didn’t even know the Standing Orders. the House is becoming a farce.
[quote]8. DARIEN FENTON (Labour) on behalf of RUSSELL FAIRBROTHER (Labour) to the Minister of Tourism: What initiatives for the development of the tourism industry has he received recently?

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I am just a little confused. The question on the sheet is in the name of Russell Fairbrother. Mr Fairbrother is here. Why then is the question being asked by a colleague, Madam Speaker? The rules are pretty straightforward, I would have thought.

Madam SPEAKER: I was also a little taken by surprise myself, but the question has been asked. It is appropriate. Would the Minister now please address it.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Can you tell us where the Standing Orders allow this particular arrangement, because this would be a new ruling on your part?

Madam SPEAKER: The advice is that the member cannot ask it. So I will ask Russell Fairbrother to please ask the question.[/quote]

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