Mayors showing fiscal responsibility

Makeover for summit too dear: BanksMayor John Banks is opposed to a multimillion-dollar makeover of Mt Eden (Maungawhau) and wants to retain vehicle access to the summit of the popular tourist attraction.
Mr Banks said yesterday that the intention to protect the…
[Auckland News]

two Mayors are showing some fiscal responsibility. For too long we have had Mayors and council's who treated ratepayers as cash cows to be milked for their pet projects. Banksie has put the kibosh on the fanciful and expensive Mt Eden (I just can't call it Mangawhau) makeover that was Hubbard's pet project.

In other news Far North Mayor Wayne Brown has made an immediate impact by issuing directive to the council staff not to insult ratepayers and to apologise for mistakes.

He goes further on the fiscal reponsibility front;

[quote]All council costs are to be reviewed to ensure they're at least as low as in the private sector. All council meetings, both official and staff only, will be questioned for their "value" and more use made of "modern communications" to reduce staff, councillor and public travel.

"We will withdraw from expensive talkfests such as Local Government NZ," Mr Brown announced.[/quote]

And he is canning all the committee's bar one, the audit Committee. Go Wayne.