Minister's 'Brethren' put-down upsets teenager

Minister's 'Brethren' put-down upsets teenagerA young opponent of the Electoral Finance Bill was taken aback when Education Minister Chris Carter replied with a one-sentence email asking: "Are you a member of the Exclusive Brethren?"
Simeon Brown has emailed all MPs several…
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Next time you get something in the mail from Chris Carter just reply to him by letter or email "Are you Gay?"

Sounds harsh but that is the level of intolerance this government has for anyone or any group that dares to spend its own money opposing them and in the process break NO laws.

Labour on the other hand broke several laws and through their thrft of public monies "stole" the election. If "big money" can buy elections then surely it can be used to steal election too.

Just remember it was Labour not national that spent more than anyone else in the election last time round so if anything the "big money" that bought the election was Labour's except it wasn't their money it was ours, so the steal moniker stands.?