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I have blogged on this repeatedly and have copped abuse from leftist arseholes as a result, but as I predicted the newspapers are now filling with dis-heartened and crapped upon disabled people who have lost one of the few enjoyments in life these deserving folk get.

The government on this issue alone should be tossed from power. Admittedly I am personally affected by this stupid law, but I mean even the most dim-witted could have seen this happening.

[quote]Only one of the dozen Selmes Road Garden Centre workers has a job after the centre closes its gates for the last time today.

"It's not good. It's hard on us. We wanted it to keep going," said Richard Ashton. 50, who has worked at the nursery for 12 years.
Tomorrow the amended Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Act comes into place giving disabled people the right to the minimum wage.

IHC director of advocacy Philippa Sellens said in a statement IHC was celebrating the repeal of the act, which had allowed some people to work without annual leave or sick leave or with no right to join a union.
"For 47 years the law allowed people with disabilities to be discriminated against in the workplace," Ms Sellens said.

However Selmes Road Garden Centre manager Nick Freeth said: "At the end of the day, the majority of the disabled, especially the mentally disabled, have been disadvantaged by the repeal of the disability act."

IHC's service arm Idea Services announced in August it would sell the garden centre as it did not want to be an employer.

This was met with anger and concern by workers, their caregivers and many in the wider community.
A Marlborough IHC founder Mick Murphy was outraged by a memo people affected by the new law received from Idea services manager Martin Anderson suggesting employees could become self employed.

"Staff will support you in this where needed, but the bulk of the work would need to be done by you," the memo read.
Mr Murphy said: "My intellectually disabled daughter, who cannot read or write brought home this (memo)."

Like many of the others at Blenheim's vocational bases she could not understand the content of it, he said.[/quote]

Ms Sellens should change her name to Sellout, because that is what she has done to these people. Instead of arranging a party to celebrate she should be packing her desk. Even her own organisation has gone against the party line of celebration and shown the rest of us what this law means by saying that "did not want to be an employer." They shut the doors despite the main organisation having a fricken party.


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