More than a decade stuck in a rut

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An other report another black mark for the government.

[quote]New Zealand is stagnating while other countries surge ahead, and Australians are richer, healthier, better educated and living longer, a United Nations report shows.

The report, made public this week, shows that New Zealand has spent more than a decade in a rut placed 19th on the UN Development Programme’s Human Development Index.

Australia is placed third, Spain has leapfrogged from 21st to 13th place, and Ireland – once on a par with New Zealand – is now fifth.
The index is based on a range of data including wage rates, life expectancy, adult literacy, government spending and gross domestic product.

It shows that since 1998 New Zealand has remained at either 19 or 20 on the scale and this year scored an index rating of 0.943. Australia is third with 0.962 – it was fourth in 1998.[/quote]

Gee, that makes it 1 year of National and 8 of Labour….can’t blame that report on the previous government.

Cullen, in typical socialist fashion decided derision and denial is the best policy.
[quote]But Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen said the report showed New Zealand was “very much a First World nation”.

As with all international league tables – some of which New Zealand did very well in – the results needed to be “taken with a grain of salt”, he said.

“Far from standing still, New Zealand over the past eight years has made huge strides.”[/quote]

Oh contraire Cullen, according to the report standing still is the only thing we have been doing as other nations leap ahead.

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