My Birthday Feasts

This morning my princess Miss Whaleoil woke me bright and early, she is a real cheerleader and makes occasions fun and enjoyable with her enthusiasm, Master Whaleoil is like his Dad and enjoys the luxury of uninterrupted sleep.

The two of them made up for it with a beautiful breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream. I lazed about for the rest of the morning blogging and then got ready for lunch.

I went to Grand Harbour for Yum Char. I had lunch with five of my good longterm friends, Paul, Chantelle, Clinton, Ross and Cr Jami-lee Ross and plus the crew from No Minister, Gooner, Fairfacts Media and Adolf.

When ever we go to Grand Harbour there are a few rules, nothing from the trolleys and nothing green. The stuff in the trolleys is usually nasty and I refuse to pay for Chinese cabbage. The siew mai and the xiaolongbao were beautiful as usual. I reckon Grand harbour is the best Yum Char in Auckland. the bill for the eight of us was $280.00 and we were stuffed to the gunwale’s.

Dinner was at O’Sarracino and was magnificent. Whaleoils Mum and Dad were in attendance. We had platters of antipasto filled with prosciutto, seafood, eggplant and other vegetation. I followed that up with a Fillet Steak cooked blue of course covered in melted gorgonzola cheese…..beautiful. At dessert time the light all flickered and then the staff all came out in the darkness with Tiramisu (to die for) and a candle singing in Italian Happy Birthday. The kids feasted on a seafodd soup which was really a massive platter of clams, tiger prawns, baby octopus, squid and fish….Mmmmm.

I would rate Grand Harbour a 4/5 and O’Sarracino a 5/5. Definately a must do to go back to O’Sarracino.

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