New city logo may be dumped

New city logo may be dumpedThe future of Auckland City Council's controversial new logo is being reviewed, with one senior councillor saying he wants to retain the city's sailing heritage.
"Most Aucklanders are proud of Auckland being 'Auckland City of Sails',"…
[NZ Politics]

The ill-conceived logo project, a legacy of Hubbard's failed mayoralty may well be scapped. A good thing too.

Oh and for those who think Banksie hasn't changed check out these comments;

[quote]Mr Rankin said he had discussed the logo and the decision to hold it back until after the local body elections with the previous political leadership, including former Mayor Dick Hubbard.

Mayor John Banks said the logo had been a mistake, but he was not going to bag Mr Rankin because he had buy-in from senior politicians in the previous council.[/quote]

It sure was a mistake, note the Herald has been very careful not to name the "senior councillors" that were consulted over the logo fiasco. I think the blame can be fairly and squarely laid at the door of ex-Mayor Hubbard, send him the bill.?