New Whaleoil RSS Widget Available

I have installed Leopard on my PowerBook and I must say I am impressed. It was far more friendly and quicker to install than any Vista installation to date and whats more it actually works and is a pleasure to behold.

There are heaps of new features, but some of the best ones are;

Spaces reintroduces an old UNIX concept of multiple workspaces enabling you to have effectively four desktops to reduce clutter, so for intance you could have your Word Processor and associated stuff open in one workspace, Photoshop and pasted images in another etc.

The Parental Controls rock. You can set up users to have a limited time per day, and that can further be limited to times of the day and with a cutoff time if needs be. So for your 11 year old for example you would set him up to not be able to use the computer between 2130 and 0730 and then three hours but not at lunch time dinner time or homework time.

The Safari updates are real pearlers. The best one is the ability to clip parts of websites and create Dashboard Widgets on the fly. This is serious cool, for instance you can watch just one part of a website for updates like airline sales specials that only appear in the top right corner of a website.

One app that comes with Leopard is Dashcode . Dashcode allows you to make your own Widgets for the Dashboard in a wizard style. You can do it all manually if you want through the code as well. I made my Whaleoil RSS Widget with this and it is now available for download.

Leopard has many new features and is a huge improvement over Tiger, Vista meanwhile remains a dog that has lost its bark.?