NZ Herald Editorial: Democracy under attack

Editorial: Democracy under attackWhen is the Government going to get this message: democracy is not a device to keep the Labour Party in power.
Practically every other participant in New Zealand politics – not only parties but other interested organisations and…
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The NZ Herald blasts the government with its full page exposure of the draconian nature of the Electoral Finance Bill. It is very rare for the Herald to print a front page editorial.

They attack them not only on the Electoral Finance Bill but also on the Appropriations Bill currently also before Parliament.

[quote]Labour seems determined to use the time it has left to skew electoral laws in its favour.

Not only does it mean to make election debate the preserve of political parties, it has introduced this month a second electoral outrage – a bill to extend the law legalising the use of public money for political purposes that were ruled improper by the Auditor General after the last election.

The Clark Government's refusal to bow to public opinion on this subject beggars belief. It was staggering enough last year that Helen Clark and her lieutenants could not understand why nobody else regarded their electoral pledge card as innocent information.

Now, having grudgingly repaid the public purse, they are hell-bent on giving themselves the right to raid it again.

If these bills become law, politics will be largely confined to registered parties, and they will have to be able to use parliamentary funds for election campaigns.

Both measures are designed to favour the party that has devised them.[/quote]

To paraphrase the Herald, The interests of any healthy democracy lie in unrestricted debate,
not laws that favour incumbents with public finance and suppression of
free speech.

If these bills pass, they will be Labour's epitaph. Too right, Part of hopes they pass the law, the other part of me wants to make sure they don't

Anyway as of right now, this morning hundreds and thousands of Kiwi's know more about the Electoral Finance Bill than Labour ever wanted them to.?