Proof positive that the Public Service has been politicised by Labour

Labour activist got job as Setchell sacked – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

If anyone had doubts about the politicisation of our Public Service look no further than the Madeleine Setchall affair and the aftermath of the Government’s whitewash report.
[quote]The National Party is crying political interference after the Environment Ministry contracted a communications adviser with Labour Party links while Madeleine Setchell was sacked for her connections to National.

The ministry hired Labour Party activist Clare Curran after Climate Change Minister David Parker suggested she could provide communications help.

Ms Setchell lost her senior communications role at the ministry because of her relationship with National leader John Key’s chief press secretary Kevin Taylor.

National MP Nick Smith said neither Ms Setchell nor Mr Taylor were members of the National Party.[/quote]
The coincidence of Clare Curran gets curiouser and curiouser. She wrote a strategy document that ended all over the blogosphere about taking back the language of politics and has been put up as a challenger, ironically to the MP who lost his ministerial portfolios because of his propensity to lie over the whole affair.

Nick Smith correctly asks how it was possible for the ministry to employ a Labour Party activist and find no conflict of interest but dismiss a person over a perceived conflict of interest when the partner of a staff member of the National opposition was employed.

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