Queen Street March for Democracy

Here is a summary of coverage of today’s march. There was a very pleasing turnout and everyone was having a good time. We all gathered at the Town Hall and headed off down Queen Street in the bright sun. I have some video fottage which is being edited but I will post those soon.

2000 march against Electoral Bill – 17 Nov 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The NZ Herald says;
[quote]Queen Street in Auckland has been brought to a standstill today, with a crowd estimated at more than two thousand marching against the Electoral Finance Bill.

Helen Clark is being told her proposals are fascist and unwanted, and is being urged to respond to the broad and growing opposition to the bill.

Protest organiser and lawyer John Boscawen wants the Prime Minister to kill the Bill, which will put caps on spending by lobby groups during an election year.[/quote]
Peter Creswell has a good selection of photos.

Not PC

It was great to see such a fantastic turnout of bloggers. Adolf, Gooner and Miss Gooner, MikeE, Peter Cresswell, ScrubOne plus many other commenters and fans. My East German Helen images adorned many posters and there were one or two Uma Clark Kill the Bill posters as well. TVNZ had one close up image of East German Clarkski, near the end of the video. TVNZ made Cullen look completely arrogant which of course he is.

Government accused of ignoring human rights | NATIONAL | NEWS | tvnz.co.nz
[quote]Queen Street in Auckland came to a standstill on Saturday, with a crowd estimated at more than 2,000 marching against the Electoral Finance Bill.

Members of the Law Society, political parties and the Sensible Sentencing Trust are angry Labour is trying to push through the legislation without consultation.

“What they’re trying to do is shut down debate to gag New Zealanders,” says protest organiser John Boscawen.

Protesters carried placards and some covered their mouths with duct tape. They say democracy and free speech are under threat with the governments’ bill.

Boscawen wants Prime Minister Helen Clark to kill the bill, which will put a caps on spending by lobby groups during an election year.

Members of the migrant community on the march said they came to New Zealand to escape dictatorship.[/quote]

TV3’s coverage was almost as damaging as TVNZ.

TV3 > News > National News > Story > Thousands turn out for election protest

[quote]Marchers say their protest is apolitical – their message is aimed at all politicians.

They say the government failed to consult with other parties, that the bill restricts free speech, and that it doesn’t deal with anonymous donations like those made last election by the exclusive brethren.

The protestors may have voted for different parties in the last election, but today they came together, united in their criticism of the electoral finance bill that would limit groups other than political parties to spend money pushing election campaigns.

Some had travelled from other parts of New Zealand to express the freedom of speech they say will be censored by the bill.

They were an angry group – but well-behaved.

What is interesting about this protest is that the representatives here are not from the extreme right or left, but very much white middle class New Zealand.[/quote]

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