Rushed Law is Botched Law

Donation law devised in just two days – 21 Nov 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The NZ Herald reveals the undue haste that Labour is exhibiting in passing its “Get the Nats” Bill before the house.\
[quote]Officials were given just two days to come up with details for rules on anonymous political donations – an eleventh hour addition to new electoral finance laws.

A report reveals the haste in which the new law to govern anonymous donations was developed to insert into the controversial Electoral Finance Bill.

The donations regime was not in the original bill, so was not subject to public submissions.

The advice to the justice and electoral select committee shows that, on October 29, the committee explained what it wanted to achieve and asked advisers for a written outline and advice on the “fine-detail” of the regime by November 1.[/quote]

When you rush revenge and retaliation you may find that the law will bite you on the ass. It will further bite you on the ass if you ignore the advice given.

The Human Right Commission remains committed to Killing the Bill.
[quote]The Human Rights Commission has described the revised bill as, effectively, a completely new piece of legislation. It was “disappointed” the addition was not sent out for further public consultation because of its constitutional importance.[/quote]

They are right, this is effectively a new bill and now the only way people can have their say is to march in the streets.

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