She should worry

Activist marchers do not worry PM – Newstalk ZB

[quote]Protesters who marched in Auckland in opposition to the government’s Electoral Finance Bill on Saturday say they are stunned Helen Clark has written them all off as right wing voters.

The Prime Minister says she is not too bothered by the crowd because most of them are opposition supporters and activists, and a turnout of 2,000 is not indicative of a groundswell.

But Lesley Opie, who was part of the march, says that is tarring them all with the same brush. She has never been a political party member, and never will be, and says it is outrageous for the Prime Minister to make that assumption.

Lesley Opie says people she spoke to in the crowd were there to march today, because they might not be allowed to tomorrow.[/quote]
The arrogance on the Bilious Bitch is now at breathtaking levels.

A friend of mine who marched has never protested ever, nor had his neighbour who also attended. In fact neither of them has ever belonged to a political party but both have donated substantial sums to both Labour and National. They protested because they believe the government has gone too far.

Helen Clark has gone too far and people are over her and her taudry government.

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