She's in denial

PM says support still strong, despite poll – 28 Nov 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

And that isn’t a river in Africa either.
[quote]”I don’t think anyone believes the National Party are that high, the Greens are too low in that poll,” she said.

“But that’s polls, they come and go, you look at averages. There’s been several polls recently which have been pretty encouraging for Labour averaging up around the 40 per cent mark and that’s a very good basis to go into election year on.

“Sure we’ve got work to do, we’ve achieved a lot in eight years but we will be setting out new and ambitious plans for the future as well. That’s what election year is going to be about.”[/quote]

Sheesh!, not only is she the judge and jury on many legal cases she is now a fricken pollster as well. It is clearly inconceivable that her decision to ram through the Electoral Finance Bill isn’t harming them or the Greens. Oh well a couple more polls and she may get the picture.

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