SmartSims International disavows The Standard

I just received a phone call from Mr Dennis Gain in the US. Mr Gain is the Managing Director of SmartSims International the company whose DNS Servers were listed against the records of The Standard.

He was at pains to disclaim any connection with The Standard or their ridiculous assertions that were posted on their site. They have contacted theirformer employee and asked that he alter the records of The Standard to sever any implied or real link with their organisation.

Mr Gain apologised for the confusion that has been caused by the actions of their former employee and it the practice of utilising their Name Servers is not something that they would condone.

I thank Mr Gain for having the integrity and honesty to call me and discuss the issues and now acknowledge that SmartSims international had no official knowledge of the actions of their former employee.

It was a very pleasant discussion that eventually ended up talking about the battle against the Electoral Finance Bill and how such draconian assaults against free speech would actually have people in the streets mobilising against the government.

Once agains Mr gain, thank you for your candour and integrity.