Telecom launches dud

Telecom Okta takes tilt at the iPhone – New Zealand's source for technology news on

I hadn't even heard of the "Okta" and everyone has heard of the iPhone so on branding alone the iPhone wins.Now lets look at aesthetics (now that's a word Trevor Mallard would have trouble saying)

Item 1: the Okta

Item 2: the iPhone

The winner? The iPhone of course, the Okta has……ewwwwww, Buttons, so last century. Oh and they have a removable battery, why? Again so last century.

Now what about software. The Okta is Mobile windows based so a big fat -10 there. The iPhone uses OSX, secure, useful and brilliant. The iPhone is also an iPod Touch, +100 points. Email on the Okta is with Outlook, -200.

Dimensions, the iPhone is a skinny 11.6mm thin, and the Okta? 13.9mm not much more, so no minus there.

One last thing, I bet when you take out you Telecom Okta people won't say "Oh! is that an Okta?, I so want one of those"…..more likely they will say "is that and iPhone?" and when you say no it's an Okta the look on their face will tell you that the Okta is like well….Brown Bread.

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