Thousands march against the Bill

Thousands march against Electoral Finance Bill – 01 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

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I reckon we had over 6000, there were certainly heaps more than last time, showing Helen Clark and the rest of the country that though they are still in love with Helen and Labour Auckland has had enough.

Speakers were John Boscawen, Christine Rankin Bob McCoskrie and Danny Watson. I’ll post video later as soon as I edit it.

MP’s in attendence were Judith Collins, Jackie blue, Wayne Mapp and Rodney Hide (who marched wearing a duct tape gag). City Councillors Sam Lotu-i-iga from Auckland and Jami-Lee Ross and Dick Quax from Manukau City were there. Christine Rankin is an ARC Councillor and she spoke as well.

It was very satisfying to hear chants of Kill the Bill. Blogger power was in evidence as well with MikeE, Fairfacts Media, and Gooner there plus plenty of my loyal readers some of whom I don’t even know.

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