Told you this would happen

Scoop: Govt policy shunts disabled out of jobs

Last year I blogged about my Brother in Law and the closure of his workshop because of this stupid law. He and his mates were now without jobs. BTW it took about 5 minutes to indoctrinate him as to who was to blame for his job being taken away.

Everytime he comes up for the holidays I refresh the memory for him. He now says automatically that Labour are bad and Helen is mean, she took my job away. I usually get him to repeat it when there are large groups of people around like at shopping malls.

Labour are bad and Helen is mean as far as truly caring for disabled people goes. They should actually spend some time working with them to understand they just want a job to do to feel like anyone else.

The six men who used to mow my lawns did so with pride and care, they really enjoyed working. Unfortunately now they have neither because their jobs are gone. Greenacres now mow my lawns and they do a crappy job compared to the six intellectually disabled gentlemen that used to mow my lawns.

I want them back, but I can’t have them because Helen is mean and Labour is bad and their jobs, equipment, self esteem and pride are gone.

What worries me is that these people, the most deserving in our society can expect nothing better with a change of government because they are essentially voiceless.

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