Well that was Guy Fawkes

Well that was Guy Fawkes. I took the kids down to Howick Beach for Guy Fawkes. The benefit of Howick Beach is that there is a nice stable platform for launching (sand), heaps of other families, so you get to enjoy their fireworks as well and no Helen Clark because she is tucked up at home with pillows over her head…..oh that Peter would smother her.

Tonight however there was a group of mostly young asians letting of their impressive fireworks from their hands. Clearly hands don't have much value in China, nor do innocent bystanders of which I was one. I copped an exploding firework two feet from my face, the perpetrator copped a fist straight in his face. the other cowards professed to not know english other than the obligatory "F-you". The one who uttered that must have only weighed about forty kilos because I could hold him off the ground by his throat with only one arm.

They calmed down a little after that until one of their number decided the group of 6 girls behind me made an inviting target. The fools then stood and tried to explain, well one did, because I grabbed him and the others scarpered.?

Bloody slow learners…the rest of the beach thanked me and we carried on enjoying Guy Fawkes with out the fools.?