Wellington Protest Coverage

Coverage of the EFB protest in Wellington.

Scoop Coverage plus photos?




Green Hypocrisy -? Keith locke gets all het up over new Police rules for protesting but supports and votes for the Electoral Finance Bill to bee passed into law which will make it even easier for the Police to disrupt protests, especially in election periods.?

?The occupants of a small plane walked away after the Cessna flipped onto its roof at Wellington Airport today. The crash caused the airport to be closed and stopped those flying in to attend the protest march including march organiser John Boscawen.

?Labour and its allies have sown the seeds ofdistrust by partisanly attacking the very foundation of our democracy. I am saddened by the somnolence of the left over the issues of our rights. It used to be that they were the ones fighting for freedom, they are now the ones stifling freedom and shutting down discourse. Well you reap what you sow and Labour mostly and Dunne and Winston will find out all about that as the court cases come? up.

Ironically Labour may have inadvertently handed the weapon of their complete demise to the Opposition in the form of TVNZ being barred by the appalling re-write of the Bill from running any ads from any party.

Ironical also that Len Richards' chosen weapon of assault is now effectively banned. Labour sadly have turned their backs on their roots and their founders and have chosen the path to infamy worse than Muldoon is still hated with.