Where are the sanctions and travel bans?

Emergency powers invoked as Pakistan crisis deepens – 04 Nov 2007 – NZ Herald: World / International News

Pakistan moves deeper towards crisis, yet President Musharraf still enjoys the support of the New Zealand Government. In stark contrast to Fiji there are no travel bans or sanctions in place against Pakistan despite their being a Military junta ruling the country since overthrowing the democratically elected government. Why the difference?

Why indeed! Musharraf even enjoyed a state luncheon in his honour when he last visited New Zealand. Rank hypocrisy can be the only reason for the different treatment of almost every country currently under military control and Fiji.

In recent times we have seen Pakistan and Thailand come under military control with nary a whimper out of Clark. On top of that we have a Free Trade agreement with Thailand and are pursuing one with the biggest bunch of corrupt dictators in the region the Chinese. Yet Fiji has sanctions and travel bans in place?

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