Who are The Standard?

Ok folks I have had enough of the thugs at The Standard who have taken it upon themselves to be the Internet Police. In a recent post they have defamed me and my father and went a very long way down the path of defaming Insolent Prick. They have also mounted a campaign against one image in my Gallery that frankly didn't warrant the attention it has been given.

Unfortunately for them I will not be threatened. Unfortunately for them I do not also take kindly to bullies. Therefore it is with regret to any innocent parties that I must publish the following details.

thestandard.org.nz is registered in the name of Lynn Kelvin Prentice whose address is listed as 1N / 6 Burgoyne Street, Newton, Auckland. Mr Prentice is listed as the CTO for Smartsims International Limited. From company office records Mr Prentice also is a minority shareholder in SmartSims International Limited, he holds 680 shares.

From Domain registry information the standard.org.nz uses ak3.netmike.com as its DNS. That same DNS is also used by Smartsims International Limited. Both sites are hosted from the same server at IP Address

Therefore as their employee Mr Prentice who is also the registrant of thestandard.org.nz has exposed Smartsims International Limited to a defamation action. All currently listed Directors and shareholders (listed below) will be added as parties to that action. They are;

GAIN, Raymond Sang of Palmerston North
GAIN, Albert Sang of Botany Downs, Auckland
GAIN, Dennis Terrance of U.S.A.
MAZANY, Peter Charles of Meadowbank, Auckland
NAIDU, Shiva of Dallington, Christchurch
FORSDYKE, Iran of Manukau
SHARPE, Andrew of Browns Bay
WONG, See of Mt. Albert, Auckland
HOOK, Nick of Albany

I will also be joining the EPMU to the action due to the continued actions of their employee/staffer Tane who also acts as the defacto leader of The Standard.

Their servers, their employee, their shareholder, their problem. You see it is quite unacceptable to to call someone a paedophile, or accuse them of sexually harassing teenagers, disseminating child porn, creating pseudo-pornographic material and a kiddie-porn apologist.

Failure of The Standard to publish a full apology to be kept at the top of their site for two weeks and removal of the defaming comments will result in further unspecified action without notice.