Wikipedia wins landmark case

Wikipedia wins landmark lawsuit – New Zealand’s source for technology news on

Well now this is pleasing, and from a French court no less. Normally the cheese eating surrender monkey’s would have put their hands up long ago.

[quote]A French judge has dismissed a defamation and privacy case against Wikipedia after ruling the free online encyclopedia was not responsible for information introduced onto its website.

The US-based Wikipedia Foundation, which is behind the popular compendium, was sued by three French nationals over a Wikipedia article that said they were gay activists.

Judge Emmanuel Binoche ruled that a 2004 French law limited Wikipedia’s liability and noted that contentious references in the disputed article had in any case been removed.

“Website hosts cannot be liable under civil law because of information stored on them if they do not in fact know of their illicit nature,” Binoche said in his written ruling released at the Paris civil law court earlier this week.

Moreover, website hosts are not legally bound to monitor or investigate the origin of the information they store, he added.

Binoche did not rule on the whether the information contained in the article was defamatory and dismissed the plaintiffs’ claim for damages. [/quote]

Hmmm….this could have implications for the future of the Electoral Finance Bill….If I set up a website and encourage people to advertise for free their political views I could use this case as a precedent to say I am not responsible for the content and because I allow people top post their information for free and anonymously…….now what should I call the site…..

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