Wrong answer John

Fireworks ban inevitable – KeyNational Party leader John Key believes a ban on the sale of fireworks is inevitable.
"I'm of the view that what's going to happen is inevitably they will be (banned)," Mr Key said on TV One's Breakfast programme today.
[NZ Politics]

The correct answer to the question was that we have had enough of the Nanny State and National will NOT support the banning of fun.

Now go away and reconsider. Grow a spine for gods sake. Repeat after me;

The State has no business regulating fun, individuals are the ones responsible for foolishness.

With regards to the burnt kids, What's more painful for this kid? Fireworks in the cot or being called mercedez!!

What sort of trashy fool takes a baby near fireworks? They don't have any other older kids to entertain? What's wrong with staying inside with the baby? Surely just the noise would send a wee baby's ears mental.

New Zealand is becoming the ultimate breeding ground for dumb white and black trash. You can't pass laws stopping this sort of stupidity. Pull your head out of your ass John and grow some balls.