Youth Lobby Group set up

A new Youth Political lobby group has been set up.

[quote]??Youth Organised and United' is a new political lobby group; aimed at getting young people's voices heard by society's decision-makers.

A group of representatives will visit Wellington on the 5th and 6th of December to meet with parliamentarians responsible for youth portfolios, ministers with a youth overview and representatives of other youth organisations.

?Youth Organised and United' (YOU) has been formed by youth from all over New Zealand out of the growing perception that those in power ignore the views of youth. There is a growing concern that young people around New Zealand are increasingly becoming marginalized in our society.

Accordingly, it is our belief that currently young people are a disenfranchised minority. We believe this can change. As such we task ourselves with the responsibility to bring about this change.

We want to empower young people to get their voices heard. To do this, we see it as imperative that young people are, in equal measure, united and organized.

YOU is a national organization with youth active in every region listening to the views and opinions of a wide spectrum of youth. These views can then be discussed nationally and action can be taken. [/quote]

Unfortunately for these enthusiastic youndster their voice will be unheard next year as every party has a position on youth matters and they will have to register before uttering even a single word.

Good luck to them, getting young engaged is politics is an admirable task.