Bill Ralston: A few glowering report cards

Bill Ralston: A few glowering report cardsIt is time to mark the report cards for our top politicians in the school for scandal that was Parliament 2007.
Helen Clark C
The Prime Minister has to get a pass mark, if only because she is still clinging to power as Head…
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Bill Ralston marks the pollies.

[quote]Helen Clark C

She has almost exhausted her political capital with the hasty, ruthless, passage into law of that nasty Electoral Finance Bill. Must try harder? Must try!

John Key B

Winston Peters C-

For a man supposedly uninterested in the baubles of office, he loves limos and those long overseas trips.

Jeanette Fitzsimons D

You have to wonder what the Greens have accomplished in the past 12 months other than being a doormat for Labour. Maybe they are too nice to ask for anything?

Tariana Turia/Pita Sharples B+

These guys will be the real kingmakers after the next election and don't automatically expect them to anoint Queen Helen.

Peter Dunne B-

The United Future leader may preside over the Amazing Disappearing Party but Mr Commonsense keeps quietly plugging away.

Jim Anderton D

Mike Moore summed the Progressive Leader up when he said, "Is he still alive?" The answer is, no.

Rodney Hide F

Twinkletoes seems to have forgotten he leads the Act Party. He has not only shed a hell of a lot of weight but his political bulk as well.

Michael Cullen D

A once bright, witty, "straight-A" student who now prefers playing the role of a grumpy old man. Bitter, bereft of new ideas, and twisted out of shape in the past, the Finance Minister resembles the New Zealand economy he is responsible for.

Bill English B

The National Party deputy is the perfect sidekick. If he continues to play well with others and share his toys with John Key he should be an unstoppable part of a dynamic duo.

Phil Goff B+

Diligent, hardworking, extremely able, he is Labour's shining hope for the future – if only because all his rivals have resigned, been fired or demoted.

Trevor Mallard D

Trevor should have got a pass mark this year but he inexplicably dropped his bundle whacking Tau Henare, slagging people off and having trouble pronouncing the word "sorry".

Gerry Brownlee B-

National's bully boy has stomped, kicked and neatly knee-capped his opponents this year. He's like Trevor Mallard but not as fit.


Darren Hughes A

Hone Harawira A-

You have to admire someone who blatantly doesn't give a hoot about parliamentary etiquette and who says what he thinks, even if you don't always agree with it. Highly entertaining.

Paula Bennett B+

A perky Nat list MP who can get quite feisty in the House. Comes across as a human being in a building bereft of humanity.


Taito Phillip Field, Gordon Copeland and David Benson-Pope: What a waste of space these three have been.[/quote]