Bill Ralston: No rest for Nats over summer

Bill Ralston: No rest for Nats over summerJohn Key will be smiling quietly to himself over the BBQ at his beach house in Omaha this summer. As he turns the chops, he can be content that, while 2007 had a few hiccups, 2008 promises to be an even better year for National …… [NZ Politics]

So Labour has a neutron bomb huh? Dickheads, they should've worked out by now that that won't help them and the public don't like mudslinging.

John Key is right, heads down bums up working hard at being the government in waiting and continually using the mantra "It's Time for a change"

Oh and for the Labour gits who think they can get away with a neutron bomb, watch out for those of us in the blogosphere who do not have to show electoral restraint. A guerilla viral war is something YOU can't win.?