Bill Ralston: Utu over, the real work begins

Bill Ralston: Utu over, the real work beginsThe Press Gallery held its legendary Christmas party in Parliament last week. The "Gallery do" has a somewhat debauched reputation. Veteran Tom Scott claims back in his day, Bellamy's staff laid canvas on the carpet in anticipation… [NZ Politics]

Bill Ralston hits the nail in the head about the rationale, if that is indeed the right word, behind Labour's pathological ramming through of the Electoral Finance Bill. It is all about UTU!.

[quote]Sure, probably no one will vote against Labour solely because of the bill, but it has gone a long way towards cementing in the public mind an impression of a smug, bossy, "we know best" government that is obstinately deaf to public opinion.

Nothing will deter Helen Clark from passing that bill because it is pure utu. It is payback. Clark has the vengeful memory of a homicidal elephant, and she will never forgive the Exclusive Brethren for what it tried to do to her. The fact the sect bankrolled National is secondary to the dirty tricks campaign it tried to wage on her, and the covert action it took with private eyes. She heard the sleazy rumours that emanated from the conspirators and knew the fruitless sting operations they tried to pull.

The Electoral Finance Bill is punishment for National taking the Brethren's cash, and it is the only penalty she can impose on her enemies as, unfortunately, constitutionally these days she is unable to have them boiled in oil, hung on the rack and have their heads stuck on pikes at the front door of Parliament. I am sure the Prime Minister thinks wistfully of the good old days of the Tudors when Elizabeth I would cheerily disembowel those who plotted against her.

Come Tuesday, Labour and its pilot fish parties will head for the lobbies, push the law through, and then head for home, content that the year is over and the hard work done.

It has just started.[/quote]

And that is where he is dead right, it has only started. The Government's opponents have been provided the steel needed to defeat them. Watch for the multitude of test cases, watch for Labour pushing for more controls against their opponents. Watch for a viral campaign that will prove impossible for the government to shut down.?