Blogger teaching WMD to school kids

Science gets pupils all fired up – New Zealand news on

Blogger Murray Hill from Hitting Metal with a Hammer is helping educate high school student in the Weapons of Medieval Destruction.
[quote]Mr Hill said the catapults demonstrated some advanced mathematics and trigonometry and he would be working with teachers to develop learning modules.

“You can get quite useful data from them,” he said, and the children were more likely to remember it when they had collected it themselves.

“It’s not just an academic activity. I wish they had had them around when I was at school.”

Year 9 maths student Nick Shaw, 14, and his mates were rapt to be loading and firing weights across the sports fields. “It’s pretty cool. I reckon it will help [with maths] because it shows us how they work.”

Afterward, they went back to the classroom to plot graphs and analyse the maths behind the levers.

Howard Pinder, the school’s head of maths, planned to make the catapult modules part of the syllabus next year and said the school was looking at buying its own.

“They’ve got a huge practical application for us, for physics, statistics and for just basic maths.”[/quote]

Don’t let the sisterhood know about.

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