Busy day today

Well folks, today has been a busy day it started at 0600 when I had to get up to pick up DPF from the airport. I was halfway there when he rang to say he missed the flight and would catch the 0830 flight. Bugger back to the office for a little early morning blogging.

After picking up DPF at 0930 we went out to the site for our sign on the corner of Kirkbride Road and George Bolt Memorial Drive. Then we hit our first snag. As TVOne and Tv3 were filimg a stroppy looking woman came striding out from the school and demanded that we take the billboard down as it breached policy for having political billboards. When we pointed out to her that the site had a political party billboard on it in 2005 she became unreasonable and decided to go for reinforcements.

We decided to decamp and were advised about another site without any hassles. For us the site was pri, much more traffic and better exposure, it was game on again.

DPF and I went back to my office and put out a press release, did several radio interviews and reorganised the media to be at the new site for the launch. Then we piled in the car and took of to meet some good friends for Yum Char.

After Yum Char and DPF getting a bollocking from Peter Dunne's Chief of Staff we headed over to the new site on the corner of the South Eastern Highway and Carbine Road.

The sign went up and we did some more interviews, following that we adjourned to the Viaduct with mates. We cxhecked the news and we led Prime News at 1730, way stoked with that, and had items on both TV3 and TVOne. DPF and I both agree that the ratings of each piece were as follows, Prime A+, TV3 a B+ and TVOne a B. I dropped DPF back at the airport at 2115 after a succesful day of poking pins in the governments eyes.

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