Cathy Casey rounds out a week from hell

Sideswipe: Tuesday – 18 Dec 2007 – Sideswipe – New Zealand Herald

Cathy Casey has had a week from hell,

Auckland Blog: From perkbusting to an own goal She embarrassed herself with a bit of grandstanding over Koru Club membership that her previous council had instigated.

Auckland Blog: Is this inconsistent behaviour….
Then she made herself in a class A hypocrite for whinging about meal and drink expenses whilst partaking of same privileges herself.

And now she tells us of her speeding and just has to try and get a political angle on her lawbreaking by cringing at a log that her and her mates secretly foisted on the unsuspecting incoming council.

I have a suggestion for Cathy Casey, if she cringes about stating her occupation as “Auckland City Councillor” then she doesn’t deserve the position and should resign forthwith.

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