Fran O'Sullivan : Goodbye Helen and global warming

Fran O'Sullivan : Goodbye Helen and global warmingHere's my top 10 story list for 2008. Readers should be warned – not all may eventuate!
1. Helen Clark is rolled
Clark was feted as Politician of the Year for 2007. But how real is it to put on a pedestal a Prime Minister who…
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Right Wing Blogger Fran O'Sullivan puts the boot into Helen and her lickspittle poodle parties.

  1. Helen Clark is rolled
  2. NZ explodes in civil disobedience (over Electoral Finance Act)
  3. Climate change science consensus breaks
  4. Key and English cut a secret succession deal
  5. May budget unleashes election bribe season
  6. Supreme Court tells Solicitor-General to take a running jump
  7. President Hillary Clinton institutes minimum age of 70 for white house interns
  8. All the minor parties except Maori Party get thrown out
  9. Mark Prebble resigns
  10. Alan Bollard drops interest rates

Gee, i hope most of these come true. My predictions are;

  1. Nope, unless the polls get so bad that even the most venal Labour MP gets nervous.
  2. Yep
  3. Yep,
  4. Nope, never again Mr 21%
  5. Of course
  6. Possible but not likely
  7. I hope the bitch gets the bird from the voters
  8. Yeah, that would be Christmas all over again
  9. Resigns before being fired, but kicks off a golden handshake scandal.
  10. Not likely with all the bribes that will be flowing in election year.