Freeview, has anyone actually bought it?

I have been sitting herein Rotovegas thinking about a couple of things.

One is Freeview.

The ads for the suckful service are driving me crazy and they have reminded me of a conversation i had recently in Wellington with a good mate of mine.

She was telling me about her friend who runs an installation business and was encouraged to take up installation of Freeview. He was told how popular it was going to be and how it would run him off his feet. I'm not sure exactly who told him all that bollocks but he was told it nevertheless, complete with government statistics on uptake for the region he works in.

Anyway, he looked at the stats, thought about his customers and the customer base and area he is in and then bought 300 set top boxes all ready for him to be deluged with requests to install this wonderous new government intiative in the homes of his customers……..ooops problem is he hasn't sold or installed even one. He can't even give them away. No one wants them.

nada, nothing, zip, zilch

It begs the question then, How many subscribers are there of this still-born child of Steve Maharey's?

How about the number of subscriers against projections of uptake?

Is Jonathon Coleman awake?