Government thrashed in two new polls

Government thrashed in two new pollsThe Labour Government is finishing the year on a sour note – thrashed in another two polls and facing bitter opposition in Parliament tomorrow when it pushes the Electoral Finance Bill into law.
And it has copped another broadside…
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Labour will be in panic mode this week as their favourite poll the 3News/TNS Poll has shown National at over 50% with the ability to govern alone.

Despite three bad poll results in a week Clark is still denying it matters.

[quote]"We all know there is only one poll that counts and that'll be some time later next year."

In apparent reference several recent cases involving her own ministers, she added: "Obviously I take a message from it that there has been some nonsense going on that's got to stop and that's a very clear message I take to my team."[/quote]

Unfortunately for Clark the nonsense she thinks is affecting their poll results is but a small part of the problem. She refuses to acknowledge that the Electoral Finance Bill is seriously affecting her poll ratings. Oh well nevr mind, let her continue to be deluded.