Great to see the Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well

This morning in the mailbox was this flyer (click to enlarge). Normally this sort of thing goes in the bin, but for some reason I read it. I was mightly impressed.

This fellow, Callum, has created a little holiday earner for himself and gone about getting business in a professional manner. I called him up and spoke to him. He is 15 and not dong anything much this holidays. He has a paper run and goes past everyones house anyway each day. He popped the fliers in the box on his way round his paper deliveries.

For a buck a day he collects the mail and tosses the junk mail, for a buck a day he will also feed your pet and for an additonal buck PXT a photo of him feeding your cat each day, he has also offered to mow your lawns, water your plants and a whoe bunch of other stuff.

I admire his spirit and so I have hired him for some of his services. Well done Callum and keep up the good work.

Now contrast him with a little lefty 16 year old (lets call him James shall we) that keeps wanting to chat on Gmail. All this young fool does is spout party lines and ninth floor talking points and expect level playing fields for all and sundry. Take this banal b.s. as proof, that popped up today.

[quote]James: Man Labour are selecting some fantastic young candidates
Beats all the old folk from the National party
Sent at 12:28 PM on Monday[/quote]

Last night I had a chat with him about freedom of speech, the young pup had the temerity to tell me to read the bill, the only thing was he hadn't and didn't know anything about it other than the ninth floor talking points about level playing fields.


Well the difference is stark….while one, a 16 year old, prattles on about level playing fields and works for minimum wage at KFC another, 15 years old, creates a business and is limited only by how many fliers he can deliver around the neighbourhood as to his reach. I bet the 15 year old will earn plenty plus more these holidays and go on to better and brighter things while the 16 year old will unionise himself and then be doomed to a life of mediocrity and will always be crying about level playing fields without ever noticing that life isn't at all like that.

Well done Callum, and "James" try to get out of your teeny, tiny box where Labour and the unions will want to keep you.