Happy New Year and Welcome to the Regulated Speech Period

It is now 1 January 2008 and political advocacy for or against a political party and/or candidate [Section 5(1)]is now regulated by the Electoral Finance Act, and treated as an election advertisement unless you qualify for an exemption. The unthinkable has happened and Freedom of Speech is now rationed. Just so everyone knows;

I assert that this website is a blog and published by me on a non-commercial basis, and any views expressed on it by me are my personal political views and under paragraph (g) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act, is not an election advertisement.

I further assert that this website is a news media Internet site and that all posts on here are written by me, as the editor, solely for the purpose of informing, enlightening or entertaining readers, and hence also is not an election advertisement under paragraph (d) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act.

Thus in the interests of informing and enlightening readers, Don't Vote for Labour? or NZ First or The Green Party, or even the pompous ass from Ohariu Peter Dunne. Vote their corrupt, venal, lying asses out of the parliament. Make them hurt for trampling our democracy in such a callous fashion. Consign them to ignominy, never to return.

For those who want a voice you can help the Free Speech Coalition by donating whatever you can to the cause, we will make you voice heard, we will shout down this corrupt nanny state.?