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[Roy Morgan Research] Morgan Poll

National still leads by a massive 13%

[quote]In the second half of November support for the New Zealand Labour Government was up 1% to 35% while support for the Nationals remained unchanged at 48%, the New Zealand Morgan Poll finds.

The Labour Government, more than 6% below their 2005 General Election result, remains well behind the Opposition National Party, with the Nationals nearly 9% above their result at the last election.
The Green Party vote was at 6.5% (down 1%), while support for New Zealand First was down 0.5% to 5%, slipping back from a recent November high. The Maori Party support held up at 2.5% (unchanged).

The other minor parties, United Future New Zealand 0.5% (down 0.5%); and ACT New Zealand 1.5% (up 0.5%), experienced little change. [/quote]

Keep pushing the Electoral Finance Bill, please oh please pass it under urgency.

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