I name this shirt Mohammed

?hat tip PC

Peaceful Muslims are out on the streets again observes the New York Daily News:

the avengers who vowed death to novelist Salman Rushdie for his affront
to Islam, like those who slew Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh for his,
like the mobs who ran mindless riot across Europe in protest of
cartoons they deemed offensive to their prophet, now tens of thousands
of Sudanese Muslims are demanding the execution by firing squad of
British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons, who made the mistake of letting
her 7-year-old charges name a teddy bear Muhammed.[/quote]

Al Jazeera reports
that hundreds of protesters marched through the Sudanese capital
Khartoum demanding death for the British school teacher "convicted of
insulting Islam," chanting "No one lives who insults the prophet." Said
one of those demonstrating in support of his stinking sub-human superstition, "It is a premeditated action, and this unbeliever thinks that she can fool us? What she did requires her life to be taken."