John Banks 1 – 0 Government

Government to announce Eden Park rescue package – 17 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Can anyone smell Smoke…….I can , This is nothing more than a a GREAT BIG SMOKESCREEN for the passing of the Electoral Finance Bill tomorrow.

Remember the Waterfront Thhstadium.

The government is set to announce a massive financial package to upgrade Eden Park.
The package is likely to consist of $190m from the government courtesy of taxpayers, $10m from Eden Park sources and $12m from New Zealand Rugby.

This would have been sticking in the throats of Clark and Mallard except for the fact it is their big smokescreen just like the last time with the anti-smacking bill.

Still, John Banks gave them the finger and they caved. Oh the ribs they are a hurting….ho, ho, ho.

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