Kerre Woodham: Infantile MPs turning me into a political agnostic

Kerre Woodham: Infantile MPs turning me into a political agnosticWhy on Earth is Labour making it so difficult for even their most ardent supporters to love them right now? Is this some sort of test of fealty? You have to stick with us even though we're behaving appallingly?
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Kerre Woodham is a soft bleeding heart liberal. I don't care that she is but she supports my contention about Labour voters. When the going gets tough, they just don't vote. They have supported Labour for ever but cannot bring themselves to vote National. therefore they don't vote. That is a double whammy for Labour because in the hard core Labour seats, the ones they rely on for the party vote being strong they will either lose the party vote of see it dramatically reduce. If South Auckland largely doesn't vote then Labour is in huge trouble.

[quote]However, I'm becoming a political agnostic. Intuitively, I believe well- meaning left-leaning policies and state intervention are the answers to helping the disaffected, but in the absence of any proof after nine years in that direction, I'm suspending my belief. Instead of expending so much energy on politics, I'd love to see this Government spend some time on policies. We really don't care about the petty power plays going on in the House. We don't care who called whom a liar, or a cheat, or a hypocrite.

We care about this country – about our own wellbeing and those who are struggling. And while there is mutually assured destruction going on in Wellington, politicians are letting down constituents – and themselves.[/quote]

If Kerre is becoming agnostic then Labour is truy in trouble, they are losing the white middle class female voter, the voter that has kept them in power.