King seeks to rectify 'bungled shambles'

King seeks to rectify 'bungled shambles'Justice Minister Annette King will tell MPs before the Electoral Finance Bill is passed how to avoid being caught by the provisions of the bill.
Under the bill's get-out clause of 80 d), MPs are exempted for "anything done in relation…
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The Electoral Finance Bill is turning into the proverbial dead rat that Labour is preparing to swallow.

I was listening to parliament in the car on the way to blogger drinks when Tim Groser was speaking. He was brilliant in taking down Metira Turei and her whacky ideas then he got onto this;

[quote] "The person who is going to be selected as the financial agent has to be either a person of unsurpassed naivete or have a heroic sense of martyrdom, or both. I would personally recommend anybody contemplating the role as financial agent to seek out a job in Zimbabwe as responsible for reporting on CPI movements. This would be a much safer job than being a financial agent under this bill.

It was not just a matter of the fines or the terms of imprisonment for financial agents, but when the oversight of responsibilities was seen in relation to the imprecise obligations of the bill "you realise we will be looking for a martyr or an idiot".[/quote]

The bill is an ass, a dog, a dead rat plus many other things, can't wait for the court cases.