Labour hell bent on losing every seat in Auckland

Congestion charge plan back on road – 04 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Public opprobrium for the ruling party is reaching huge proportions. Labour, it seems is hell bent on losing Auckland lock, stock and barrel.

Their latest in their master plan to drive Auckland into the arms of the VRWC is a new “congestion tax”.
[quote]Government officials aided by private consultants are about to make another attempt at raising the flag of “congestion charges” to coax Aucklanders out of their cars and on to buses, trains or ferries at peak times.

Although just 25 per cent of 800 submissions in a $2.3 million study last year indicated support for such a scheme, business organisations and transport user groups such as the Automobile Association are about to be canvassed in a follow-up exercise approved by Transport Minister Annette King at an added cost of almost $1.5 million.

The Ministry of Transport will hold a consultation session in Auckland next week to bring the organisations up to date, with work expected to continue until March on two theoretical models, one aimed primarily at reducing congestion and the other at raising revenue from motorists to improve public transport.[/quote]
You will prise us from our cars when and only when there is a viable public transport system and not one second before. To tax us before such a thing is in place is nothing short of theft writ large.

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