Looks like the Electoral Finance Bill has registered beyound the beltway

National races ahead in poll as Labour fall behind | NATIONAL | NEWS | tvnz.co.nz

In TVNZ’s last poll of the year it shows that Labour may as well not turn up. The populace is clearly over Clark, Helengrad and everything it stands for.

Labour is content on smashing their support even further by ramming through the Electoral Finance Bill in a fit if pique. The numbers are showing that despite calls in the last week for calm and that we don’t care, we actually do.

National 54%
Labour 35%
Greens 4%
Winston First 2%
Maori Party 2%
United (no)Future don’t think it registered…..warning, warning, pull up, pull up….

Key is also making in roads into Dear Leader’s previously unassailable position as preferred Prime Minister. Key once again tips the insipid one into a clear second place and going into the holidays the winner despite Clark’s victory as MP of the year in just about everyones opinion except mine.

John Key 35%
Helen Clark 30%

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