Lord Ashcroft offers $200,000 reward for VC's

Collector offers $200,000 for return of stolen medals – 04 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Lord Ashcroft, who is a medal collector himself, has offered a $200,000 reward for the return of the VC’s and other medals nicked from the Army Museum.
[quote]”For New Zealand it is an absolute tragedy in terms of percentage of Victoria Crosses ever awarded to your military,” Lord Ashcroft said.

He said the Captain Upham cross and bar – was considered the “Holy Grail” because it was awarded to a fighting soldier – and would be worth between $2.5 million and $3 million on an open market. He said on a good day at auction, the other nine could fetch up to $6 million.

Lord Ashcroft said there was no black market for medals like there was for international art.

“I know of no one in Britain who would have any interest and certainly I can’t think of anyone in any Commonwealth nation who would want to sit there with nine New Zealand Victoria Crosses on their wall,” Lord Ashcroft said.

He said the worry was that if it was an opportunistic burglary, the medals could be destroyed or hidden forever and that would be a tragedy.[/quote]

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