PM hits at 'shallow, error-prone' media

PM hits at 'shallow, error-prone' mediaPrime Minister Helen Clark has given a biting appraisal of the media, saying it often lacked depth and taking a swipe at the Herald for its coverage of the Electoral Finance Bill.
Speaking to the Journalism Education Association…
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Helen Clark calls the media and in particular the NZ Herald "shallow and error-prone". I guess she means that they are no longer as compliant as they once were.

She is just a bit too precious for her own good and now she has decided to attack the Herald she has pretty much guaranteed at the very least unflattering coverage of her hideous visage and at worst open warfare and derision of her arrogant and out of touch government.

She even gives them some pointers on how to attack her.

[quote] "In my experience, after many years in politics it doesn't pay to be too thin-skinned about this. Actually, we put up with quite a lot, especially when a newspaper is in full campaign mode, like the Herald is at the moment, and it can run for weeks, if not months, with full-blooded attack, front-page headline, opinion editorials, editorials, attack stories, cartoons, you name it."[/quote]

Of course it must be noted that her skin has become so thin not even photoshop can help her.