Shadbolt Mandela

An old radical getting the royal treatmentWe were supposed to be meeting Tim Shadbolt in the National Party's offices at Parliament.
This would have been an incongruous meeting place and, for that reason, had a lot of appeal. But his minder sent a text saying they were…
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A discusion with Mayor Tim about how he is planning to go to jail brought out this classic exchange;

[quote]"Yep, I'm going to prison." This seems excessively martyrish and it's obviously stunt talk. "Well," he says, "it does draw attention to it", and, getting into his stride, "it worked for Nelson Mandela".

I say, "thank you very much for the headline: Shadbolt thinks he's Mandela."

"Yep. Shadbolt Mandela, I'm renaming myself."[/quote]

The shame for the government and its poodles over the Electoral Finance Act will not end, it will drag them to ignominy.?