Starship reluctant to give back cash

Starship reluctant to give back cashThe Starship Foundation won't return the $158,000 given to it by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters unless the gift was unlawful.
And there is no suggestion that that is the case.
Mr Peters gave the hospital a cheque on…
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Winston needs to come clean.

Firstly the word about town is that there has been a little bit of laundering going on. A well known business man in Auckland is known to have paid some money into a certain solicitors trust account that was then paid to another solicitors trust account and then onto NZ First, which Winston then gace to Starship.? This is almost similar to the same methods by which a certain litigious MP pays his legal bills.

So Winston needs to come clean.

  1. Where did the money come from?
  2. Who was his secret backer/s?
  3. If it came from their supposed term deposits, show us the break certificates?
  4. Who is getting the $60,000 tax break from the donation

It is not acceptable that this level of subterfuge is being used by a politician who is at the same time supporting the destruction of our democracy through the rushed passing of the draconian Electoral Finance Bill.

It is time you fessed up Winston.