Stephen Franks gets crafty

[quote]This advertisement Electoral Finance Act will run in Wellington?s Capital Times weekly giveaway arts newspaper over the next two or three days.

It is a set of ?postcards?. It was prompted by planning to be National?s candidate for Wellington Central. I realised that the $20,000 limit for the whole of election year would let me post one postcard to each elector, once, and one more to half of them, in the whole year.

For practical purposes that prevents communication directly with electors. Accordingly my communication will be have to be through the media filter.

Perhaps for this one election that filter will not be hostile. The New Zealand Herald?s stand against the Electoral Finance Bill is promising. But it is absolutely wrong that electors should be forced to rely on the fairness and adequacy of journalists. None of us wants the election skewed or decided by a few journalists.

The risk now will be that instead of canning this terrible law, its authors will try to fix this consequence by amendments to direct and limit media coverage, and to force uncensored publication of their propaganda. Control of the media would be a logical extension of their rhetoric against the EB and against paid advertising.[/quote]

Yes this posting by Stephen shows the iniquities of the new Act coupled with the veritable trough of money incumbent MP’s can throw at opposing candidates who are limited to $20,000 for the whole year.

Encouraging democracy! Utter B.S.!

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