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Rex Widerstrom makes the comment of the year at Kiwiblog.
[quote]?Twas the night before Christmas
and all ?cross the park,
not a creature was stirring –
?cept a woman named Clark.

The Ministers were dispatched and told to lay low,
in the hope that ill-feeling would gradually go.

?The public are feasting,? she thought as she scurried,
?They?ll forget the EFB and the way it was hurried.
Competent and popular will again be their perception,
when they forget the motorcade, the painting, and the other deception.

?Mickey?s got money to give to them next year,
It?s their own cash of course, but I?ve nothing to fear.
It?s not like they?ll work it out for themselves,
And there?ll be no one to tell them, thanks to my elves.?

Then all of a sudden there came a great clatter!
She started, but ?twas Winston, mad as a hatter.
?My baubles!? he cried, a sight to behold,
for they?d shattered when he was left out in the cold.

Then out of a blizzard a sorry figure appeared.
?Twas none other than Dunny, dishevelled and weird.
?I?ve spent my life contorting, so perks I could amass?
and it now it appears my head is lost up my ass!?

?You?re no more use to me,? she said as she strutted.
?They?ll all blame you nuts and your partys?ll be gutted.
?But a few million dollars will put everything right??
?Indeed!? said a voice, echoing through the night.

Out of the snow came a figure swathed in Armani,
surrounded by a misshappen strange-looking army.
?In two thousand and eight people will finally see!?
said the underwhelming John Key (for indeed it was he).

?They?ll wake up to the fact that although we are hopeless,
we?re their only alternative to your ongoing grossness!?
She sprang t?ward Premier House with a snarl and a roar,
crying ?Not bloody likely, they think you?re a bore!

?A fourth term is mine, you?re far far too feeble?
And even if you win, I?ll just make voting illegal!?[/quote]

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